1953-1962 C1 Corvette Chassis

Take your 1st generation Corvette to the next level in performance with a "CHRI Road Hugger” Frame and C4 Corvette Suspension. These custom built fully boxed frames are completely engineered with each piece CNC'd and laser cut to within .001 of an inch.

The "CHRI Road-Hugger" frame integrates a custom 4 1/4” x 2 ¼” x 0.135 custom "No Twist Center Cross Member" with large 4” exhaust cut outs. This performance frame is fully jigged and hand welded in house at Canadian Hot Rods Inc.

​The Front and Rear C4 Corvette Suspension gives you a 95% all-aluminum suspension  with  15.7:1 Rack and Pinion Steering, limited  slip  differential, 11" diameter 4 wheel disc brakes. This all-inclusive, fully assembled suspension package matched to the Road Hugger Frame, gives your C1 Corvette the high performance agility, stability and control for the street.

CHRI hand builds our "Road Hugger" chassis to ensure the best possible fitment. The CHRI exclusive "No Twist Center Cross Member" provides a very stiff platform, which in turn contributes to a superior handling chassis.


  • Custom Engineered fully boxed frames

  • 10 gauge (0.135 consistent) high grade steel

  • Each piece is CNC'd and bent to within .001 of an inch

  • Main Rail 4 ¼“ x 2 ¼“ x 0.135

  • “No Twist Center Cross Member" 4 ¼” x 2 ¼“ x 0.135

  • Frames are Fully Jigged, Mig and Tig Welded 

  • Accepts up to 3" exhaust

  • Mounting Hardware Teflon Coated for Rust Free Finish

  • 15.7:1 Power Rack and Pinion Steering

  • Body Mounts installed to Factory Specifications

  • KYB High Performance Shock Absorbers

  • Calipers and Brake Pads included

  • C4 Corvette Suspension with Electro-Polished Components

CHRI's "Road Hugger" Chassis

Standard Features

CHRI Road Hugger Chassis with the

“No Twist Center Cross Member”

Frame & Miscellaneous Parts Black Semi-Gloss Powder Coated

C4 Corvette Suspension with Electro-Polished Components

15.7:1 Power Rack and Pinion Steering


Front & Rear Disc Brakes and Rotors

Radiator Saddle Cross Member

Front & Rear Hawk High Performance Brake Pads

Brake Line is Concealed inside of Frame Rail

Positive and negative battery cables are concealed inside of frame rail

Dual Fuel Lines inside of Frame Rail

Body Mounts installed to Factory Specifications


Front & Rear KYB Hi-Perf Shock Absorber

Front and Rear Bumper Mounts

C4 Corvette Independent Rear Suspension


New U-joints


Positraction with Gear Set


Emergency Brake System

Various Chassis Parts are Painted Black - no further painting required

Fully Assembled Chassis is ready to fit under the Project's Body

Optional Items

Dual Custom Emergency Brake Cables, Installed

Precision Bent Hard Brake Lines Front & Rear, Installed

S.S. Flexible Brake Hoses, Installed

Heavy Duty Dana 44 Rear End (Recommended for builds over 550HP)

LS Motor Mount Adapter Plates Black Powder Coated c/w Metric Hardware

Polyurethane Motor Mounts (Pair)

Polyurethane Transmission Mount

Hydro Booster Hi-Pressure Brake Kit Including:

  • Booster

  • Master Cylinder

  • S.S. Hi-Pressure Teflon Lined Hose (10")

  • S.S. Hydraulic Fittings                             

C5 13" Big Front Brake Kit, Installed

CHRI Custom Stainless Steel Fully Baffled Fuel Tank, Installed

EFI Fuel Pump & Mount Installed in Tank

S. S. Fuel Lines with S.S. Filter Installed from Tank to Frame Rail

Tilt Steering Column with Steering Wheel Adapter & Mounting Bracket

Steering Column to Rack Hook Up Kit; U-Joints & Shaft

LS Stainless Steel Headers c/w Gaskets & Bolts

Complete Stainless Steel Exhaust System (2.5")

Drive Shaft Assembly Fully Balanced, Installed

Stainless Drop Down Battery Box

GM Crate Motors Available

American Racing/MHT Wheels & Tires Packages Available


Our chassis arrive fully powdercoated and assembled, ready to set your body on!

For more information on a Canadian Hot Rods Inc Chassis Call 250-835-2070