Frame Building

The CHRI Chassis Shop is a place of sparks and molten metal, created as each frame takes shape from its own custom built jig.  "Craftsmanship" is a term we hear often at our trade shows and when visitors come by to see our facility, and it shows in every chassis we build. Each custom frame is assembled from over 50 individual pieces, all cut and bent to precise specifications, and assembled by our team of certified welders. 

Custom jigs for each chassis ensure proper fitment of each piece

All of our parts are CAD designed and indexed together, for perfect fitment every time. No Guesswork or wasted time.

Some of our Frame cuttings patiently waiting to become frames

All of our frames are fitted and welded in

house by our team of certified welders

Locking Tab System Producing Perfect Welds

Our internal Crossmembers offer extra support and make our frames very rigid and twist free so you get all the horsepower and torque where you want it most!

Internally run brake, fuel, power and ground lines give our frames a nice clean look